Kids Need Both Florida Online Co-Parenting and Divorce Class


Skills based co-parenting class meets most counties minimum requirement.


Additional Info

State-Approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course

Kids Need Both in partnership with are approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families to offer the Parent Education and Family Stabilization course.

The course is a minimum of 4 hours and designed to educate, train, and assist divorcing parents in regard to the consequences of divorce on parents and children, as required by Florida Statute 61.21.

Online co-parenting programs contain units, which include interactive e-lessons (sections) built on the constructivist learning theory. The parent individually constructs meaning as they progress through the parenting class. Each e-lesson is built on the ERR three phases learning model:

Evocation: what the parent already knows about the topic / the parent is directed to think about the topic,

Realization of meaning: the learner is exposed to new information and ideas, to new content

Reflection: the parent actively integrates new content with previously held beliefs and ideas, so that the learning will be contextualized, more real and long-lasting.

Our online divorce education classes include video presentations, as well as related videos, case studies, readings, and websites.